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Chile Patagonia

Trail, Trek, Hike

Know for it’s breathtaking views, vast scenic panoramas and varied landscape, Patagonia is a dream to the occasional day hiker or multi-day trekker. We have 3 National Reserves within 2 hours driving distance: Cerro Castillo, Rio Simpson Reserve, Dos Lagos Monument, Coyhaique Reserve along with others


For the birds

Chile has 493 species of birds, including 12 endemic to the country and 35 species that are globally threatened. Near our lodge you can look for the elusive Bubo Magellanicus – the biggest Owl of Chile; or his smallest cousin the Glaucidium Nana.

Bike, Raft, Climb

The opportunities for rock climbing in the area are just abound; within 2 hours drive-radius you have over 4 established sites: Cerro Mckay, Ensenada Valle Simpson, Muralla China.

Talk to us to book whitewater rafting, mounting biking or Kayaking tours.

Relax, Unwind, Disconnect

Multi-Adventure Experiences

Want to sheer sheep?  Would you like to learn how to work with the dogs to bring the sheep in to the farm?  Maybe go for a horse back ride to a remote lake to fish?  Visit with a local family and enjoy an asado Chilean Patagonia?  Eat at one of the restaurants in town after a day of shopping?  It’s your choice, give us enough time and we will make it happen for you.   


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