As a member of the Eko family we wanted to update you on Covid-19 pandemic.  

First, as you are well aware, we believe the safety of our guests and staff is a top priority for us.  As you are also aware, this situation is evolving quickly with circumstances in flux.  If you are looking to book with us we strongly advise booking a travel insurance policy immediately after booking your trip and looking into cancel for any reason coverage as that, in most policies, is the only coverage which would cover cancellation for Covid related reasons.

Second, as our season begins we are going to take our extra focus on robust cleanliness practices and expand them further in our efforts to protect both our guests and staff. These practices will evolve as advisories change and best practices are formed. Currently we are going to wait until there more international and local information for guidance on best practices.

While we are all going through turbulent and unpredictable times now we are hopeful about our future in Patagonia and believe that our inaugural season is going to be a wonderful one sharing the experiences of Chile Patagonia. We are looking forward to making those treks to glaciers, casting dry flies to hungry trout, soaking up the peacefulness and toasting to a wonderful day of adventure on our terrace as the sun sets over the granite hillside.

FINAL NOTE – The vast majority of outdoor travel businesses, like this ours, are small family type businesses of people doing something they love.  While this unprecedented event impacts industries across the spectrum it has the potential to uniquely impact travel based businesses.  Please help ensure your favorite companies are around to adventure with you in the future by delaying your trips instead of cancelling them.  Even consider booking trips for 2021 now to help your favorite small outfitters.  Like buying a gift certificate to your favorite restaurant, this will help make sure these businesses are around to serve you when this is all over.


David, Maria and Jorge